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wood look laminate flooring in living room with grey couches

Laminate Floors in Red Deer, AB  

Today’s laminate flooring is a versatile flooring option that offers the look of real hardwood floors. When you install laminate floors, you can save money and leave the stress of maintenance behind.


Are you still looking for the best laminate flooring near you in Red Deer, Alberta? Come and visit the flooring professionals at Red Deer Carpet One Floor & Home.  Our experts will walk you through the best laminate flooring options to find one that meets your needs. 


Laminate flooring is a great way to enhance your interior space. Here’s a closer look at the benefits of laminate floors and where to install yours!



What Are The Benefits of Laminate Flooring?

Laminate flooring is more than an affordable, attractive floor: it has an impressive list of ongoing benefits, too.


Unlike hardwood flooring planks, your laminate floor features a layered construction that is backed by strong support layers to withstand heavy foot traffic. Its durable top layer protects the high-definition image layer from scratches and scuffs.


Laminate flooring is extremely easy to clean and maintain. That’s because your new laminate floor is moisture-friendly, and in some cases, fully water-resistant, making it a great option for kitchens and bathrooms.



How Does Laminate Flooring Compare to Hardwood Flooring?

Both hardwood flooring and laminate flooring have their respective benefits.


Still on the fence about which type of flooring is your best fit. We’ll make it easy for you: we’ve compiled a list of pros and cons for each to help you choose the flooring that is right for you.


Hardwood Flooring Pro’s & Cons:



Laminate Flooring Pro’s & Cons:



Where Can My Laminate Be Installed?

With a little thought and research on your part, laminate floors can be readily installed in nearly every room under your roof.


Laminate flooring is equally popular in both commercial and residential spaces. This is in large part thanks to its ease of installation and its durability and water resistance. 


Some of our favorite spots to install laminate flooring include:



Can I Install My Own Laminate Floor?

Sure, it’s possible, but is it really worth the risk?


Laminate floor installation is quicker and generally a less time-consuming process compared to hardwood or tile. It’s considered a “dry installation,” meaning you won’t need any glue, grout, or adhesives- laminate flooring planks simply click and lock into place.


Still, it’s VERY easy to make mistakes if you’re not familiar with the installation process. Novices often tend to:



Play it safe when it comes to your new flooring: ask us about our professional installations and our flooring warranties!



Where Can I Find the Best Laminate Flooring Near Me in Red Deer, Alberta?

Shop locally and shop better when it’s time for new laminate flooring. At Red Deer Carpet One Floor & Home, we offer an extensive and trending selection of laminate flooring for our local Red Deer customers.


As an independently owned and operated member of Carpet One Floor & Home, the world's largest flooring cooperative, we feature an incredible selection of the best flooring products, including both hard surface and soft surface options. Our purchasing power is unmatched, and we have all your favorite laminate flooring brands in our local showroom at great prices.


So, are you ready to shop for your next laminate floor? Visit our welcoming flooring showroom, which is located at 5001 19th Street in Red Deer, Alberta, to browse our latest laminate flooring displays.

Should I Choose Laminate Instead of Hardwood?

Hardwood flooring isn't for everyone, but laminate flooring is a practical, near-perfect wood imposter for all your home's more challenging spots. .
wood look laminate flooring in living room with grey couches

Picture Your Laminate Floor

Love taking phone snapshots? Click with purpose and find your PERFECT laminate floor with our incredible Room Visualizer Tool, that lets you "try it on."
Medium dark laminate plank floor in modern home office.
Laminate plank floor with orange chair.


The best browsing experience is the one you don't have to leave the house for! Start scrolling our latest laminate options right now.


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