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tile flooring in bathroom

Tile in Red Deer, AB

Thanks to its versatility and stylish looks, tile has long been considered a favourite surface for homeowners. With tile, adding a pop of colour to your bathroom or a complete fireplace surround is simple and easy. Here at Red Deer Carpet One, we carry just about every style of tile to suit your needs, however, we understand that deciding on the perfect style for your home can seem overwhelming. If you’re dreaming of updating your home with a custom tile wall and are searching for tile near you in Red Deer, visit the experts at Red Deer Carpet One Floor & Home.


Choose the perfect tile for your next home improvement project! Keep reading to learn more about the types of tiles you can use in your home.


What Are the Three Main Types of Tiles?

There are many options to choose from in the world of tile, including mosaic, wood-look, and glass tile. However, the three main tile options are ceramic, porcelain, and stone.


Ceramic Tile

Ceramic is made from natural materials like sand and clay and it is then fired in a kiln.


Benefits of Ceramic

  1. Ceramic is one of the lightest tile options available. It is especially popular for interior wall installations.
  2. Ceramic is easier to install, making it a budget-friendly surface.
  3. Ceramic tiles insulate the home, making it an economical choice for homeowners.

Porcelain Tile

Porcelain tiles are made from similar materials; however, they are kiln-fired at a higher temperature. This makes porcelain a denser option that is perfect for interior and outdoor settings. Plus, porcelain is heat-resistant, water-resistant, and scratch-resistant. There are tons of different porcelain options, including wood-look tile, which is made to look just like natural hardwood.


Stone Tile

Stone tile is a natural choice for all types of indoor and outdoor use. Stone is mined from the earth in large slabs and is therefore a significant investment. However, stone is made to last, and it can enhance your space with a touch of elegance. If sealed properly, stone can last for years. Options include tile made from slate, marble, and granite.



Tile For the Home

When it comes to choosing a surface for the home, tile is often our most highly requested product. Tiles are durable, water-resistant, and easy to clean, making them the perfect option for every interior and exterior surface. While we do offer floor tile and wood-look tile, there are so many more ways you can incorporate tile into your space. Here are a few of our most highly requested tile installations.



Backsplash Tile

Create a custom design for your kitchen and keep your walls clean too! A tile backsplash will add colour or shine, and protect your walls from splashes, splatters, and stains. Forget that tired wallpaper or paint and let our team of designers create the perfect tile backsplash that is custom to your space.


Some popular tile backsplashes include:


Who doesn’t love a heated floor here in Alberta, Canada? Wake up in the morning to the comfort of porcelain tile floors heated by our exclusive Schluter Ditra Heat system. Our Schluter Ditra Heat system can be used on more than just floors - enjoy the warmth and comfort of a heated tile shower bench, shower floor, kitchen floor, and more!


Did you know? Our Schluter Ditra Heat floors only cost around 10-15 cents per day to heat!


Custom Tile

Need something custom for your shower or fireplace? Tile can be used in a variety of interior and exterior locations, including:


Tile Installation

When it comes to choosing a new tile option, knowing the room you want to install your tile can help you determine the type of tile you will need. While most tile options can be used in almost every home area, be sure to choose a water-resistant and heat-resistant tile for certain installation options.


Some areas for tile installations include:


Red Deer Carpet One offers a variety of custom tile installations, including:


Shop Tile Near You - Red Deer Carpet One, Red Deer, AB

When you shop for tile at Red Deer Carpet One, you get a selection of both name-brand tile, like Ceramica Uno and Ceratec, as well as Carpet One exclusive brands. As your local flooring store here in Red Deer, AB, we can help you find the perfect tile surface for your home. Ready to install your dream wall tile? Visit our showroom to talk to our experts or browse our online tile selection today!

Tile Care & Maintenance

Caring for your wall tile and tile flooring shouldn’t be complicated. Keep your tile maintenance easy with these simple tips from the Carpet One pros!
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