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Carpet in Red Deer, AB

Carpet in Red Deer, AB


Carpet can comfort and add warmth to all types of interior spaces. Today there are thousands of carpet styles, whether you prefer a classic or trendy look.


Red Deer Carpet One Floor & Home in Red Deer, AB, are your regional carpet experts. Our carpet inventory features flooring tough enough to weather Canadian winters, yet stylish enough to satisfy the most discerning homeowner.


What Types of Carpet Are There?


Modern carpet spans a wide range of types, textures, colours, and materials.



Carpets are woven from natural and synthetic fibres, or pile.



  • Nylon remains the most popular synthetic pile, offering venerable stain resistance, a soft texture, and vivid hues.
  • Polyester is a budget-friendly alternative to a nylon pile. This synthetic favorite is resilient, though not quite as sturdy as nylon.
  • Olefin carpet pile is woven into distinctive patterns and is crafted for looks rather than performance. Olefin makes a sound statement but is best for quieter spaces with minimal foot traffic.
  • Triexta pile has superior stain resistance. This synthetic fibre is easy to clean since most spills can be removed using just clean water.  
  • Wool is a naturally derived carpet fibre that’s renowned for its softness, its bright colours, and its impeccable strength.


The texture of your carpet refers to the means by which each fibre is attached to its backing. There are distinct benefits to each texture type.


  • Cut-pile carpet is created by trimming each attached fiber, often with varying twists and heights for a lusher texture.
  • Loop carpet is created by attaching looped fibres to your carpet backing, creating a smoother surface.
  • Cut-loop carpet merges aspects of cut and loop carpets on the same backing. It fares best in low-traffic areas.


Where Can I Install Carpet?

Carpet should be avoided in your kitchen and bathroom, but if chosen carefully, can grace the remainder of your home or business.


Modern carpet offers something for everyone. There are stain-resistant carpet products, as well as carpets designed especially for spaces where kids and pets like to play.



How do you decide which carpet is right for you and your family? Consider your room’s regular activity levels and sun exposure as you decide. Don’t worry: there are literally hundreds of carpet options made to prevent sun fading, stains, or moisture damage.



Ready to install your new carpet yet? We recommend professional installation for the best long-term results.



Discover Our Carpet Selection


Your trusted one-stop carpet shop, Red Deer Carpet One Floor & Home is part of the world’s largest independent flooring cooperative. Shop wiser by staying local, while enjoying the best deals on all the most popular carpet brands.



To find out more, please visit us today in our Red Deer showroom, or start browsing our carpet selection online at your convenience.